My Canon Powershot is choking and caughing right now. Searching the world wide web has shown that it is a common problem with this model, that right after 18 months, like clockwork, it begins showing a “memory card error”. This is what freaked me out on the enchantments trip, where I thought I lost everything. Luckily I am able to resurrect the images with a memory card reader. Not so lucky was I a few weeks back when I lost all our groups pictures from our hard won go-kart trip. *Sniff*

However, even though it is out of warranty by a year Canon is going to fix it. Yay! Free. Yay! It won’t be ready by Loren and Marisol’s wedding, but I think I can set it up on some crutches and get it through the night.

This is the real reason my postings were spotty over the last month or so. I had no faith in my camera. I had to clown around this town as a normal non-camera toting civilian. Well, once I get this back online I’ll be walking in lock-step with the ranks of the camera blogging army. Watch out!

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Alpe d’Huez tomorrow!

Alpe d’Huez

I really want to watch this tomorrow morning, early, but I don’t have OLN. There must be a coffee shop or bar that would open by 5 am so I can watch this stage with Phil Ligget and Paul Sherwin, not the Ear Wig/Eye Roll pair that usually clowns it up.

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Who stole Robin’s Hood?

Attn: Merry men
CC: Damsels in Distress

Subject: Theater Schmeater is playing Robin Hood Weekends at Volunteer Park.

Body: Me sister Kate Kraay is lead Distressed Damsel, so get ye posse out and get down with tights.

I went on Saturday but the Sheriff of Nottingham turned on the sprinkler system, so ye Merry Men sang goodbye to the crowd until tomorrow. I missed that day, but I think I’ll see it the Saturday after next.

Trip it up and down!

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Bow down

Tonight’s Wednesday night race was a complete disaster. Two marks we rounded had a problem with the chute not going up properly. At least three things I did were incorrect. I put the spinaker sheet through the forestay and the jib on one rounding. I didn’t connect the main to the boom properly. That resulted in someone else fixing it (and dropping some hardware into the sound). And the chute was twisted on two occasions. Everyone was very supportive of me after the race however.

It is like being served dinner by a waitress who is constantly making mistakes because she is so busy, but she is obviously trying hard and apologetic. Yout tend to tip her more because A) you feel really bad for her or B) it makes you realize how hard the job is in the first place. I was the waitress that dropped the lemon merangue pie on Grandma’s head tonight.

Ballard food review

We ate at La Carta de Oaxaca tonight with our British Friends, Anne and Kevin and Mom and Dad. Kevin and I had the black mole, which was very savory and not too sweet. The pork is the way to go, I think, extreemly tender. Oh, and the margaritas went down very easily. Afterwards we strolled through Ballard and got a cupcake at Veritas, which was a first time experience for me. Kei and I had a coconut cupcake, which was very sweet. Not as good as Mighty O Donuts in my opinion, for our sweet intake dosage. My decaf espresso was undrinkable, compared to our favorite spot which serves the best espresso in Seattle. But, I should be taken to task for drinking decaf, anyway. Hey, it was 6:30pm, folks!

I ran into an old coworker, Oscar Bartos, when I was busy coordinating a desparate run to the airport for my jet-set parents. It is funny how you bump into people from the past in totally inconvenient times. Like when I was toting back a tray full of food from the snack car and ran into Paul Dickow. We stopped and talked for five minutes, but it was obvious after the exchange of numbers we were going our own separate ways.

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Kids these days

A video I shot in the Enchantments of some baby goats getting frisky. Must be the low oxygen up there.

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