Two chocolate covered thumbs down…

I saw “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” last night. What a dissapointment. I wanted to believe in Willie Wonka, but nothing Johnny Depp did convinced. Also, the characters were one dimensional — the very cute Charlie never had to make a tough decision about whether to sell the Everlasting Gobstopper to Mr. Slugworth. It’s too bad, because I like Tim Burton and J. Depp.

Poor Rasmussen

He was in 3rd. 4 bike changes and 2 crashes later, he is in 7th.

Rasmussen decimated

Did he throw the race on purpose? Or did somebody sabotage his bike? Maybe he just has a fear of being third for 7 years in a row, like Jan. We may never know.

Early Mornin’ Tour

Kei and I have figured out you need to wake up at 5:30 am to get the best tour coverage. No Al FishHead, very little Bobke. Just pure Phil and Paul goodness. I am not alone. The tour will now ruin my nightlife. Oh, wait, what nightlife?

Last night’s tour

I was quite impressed with the performance last night of Michael Rasmussen. Of course, Lance destroyed the field and has proven he isn’t riding this tour just for more Nike endorsements. But after Sunday’s performance by Rasmussen and yesterday, I wonder if Rasmussen will end up in a spot in the podium in Paris.

Floyd Landis

OK. I know what you’re thinking. He left lance during his farewell tour like the drummer of an arena rock band at the height of their career. From Discovery to Phonak, Landis has discouraged many folks I’ve talked to. But he’s got to start at some point building his career. And besides, even though he went from the yank-centered Disco team to a swiss hearing aid company, he’s still an American GC contender, one of the few we have in the tour after the venerable Lance. And c’mon, just check out his playlist. It don’t get any more country fried than that!

Rest Day

After an unrelenting first week of the tour, the boys are taking a day off. I wonder what they are doing? I wonder if Rasmusson can even walk after yesterday’s performance.

Rasmusson's day

All I can say is I need a rest day after this long week. Three hour coverage of the tour every night really takes a toll on your laundry pile.

Rainy Saturday

I’m in Prince George today, cleaning the snails out of my camper shell and spreading tarps out in the truck bed. Yes, I drove the 12 hour journey in Blue Job, and yes, I made it. Actually, I was really impressed at Blue’s performance, only having to slow down to 55 up the steep passes, averaging 65 to 70 the whole way.

The forests here are very red. Especially in the Kamloos area. Apparently there is a pine beetle devastating the stands. I snapped a couple pictures while driving and will post them later.

More packing today and then it’s another 12 hours (or longer) to Seattle.

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