Moores law

I’m watching Fahrenheit 9/11 tonight. Yep, you guessed it. I’m in the political documentary phase of my Netflix queue.

It is actually very entertaining, especially when following along with Cato Instiute’s David Kopel’s 59 Deceits. I think I haven’t had this much fun since I watched This is Spinal Tap.

Supersize Me

I watched the Supersize Me tonight. Very disturbing. The guy’s liver basically shuts down after eating nothing but McDonald’s for a month.

He talks about many reasons why the growth in fast food in America and it’s incumbent obesity in the US. Increased marketing to children, the addictive quality of the foods, it’s low cost are all factors. One thing he touches on very early on in the film and never comes back to, is how his mother cooked meals for him every day. He was a healthy guy before he went on his Mac Attack. This leads us to believe that his mother was a positive role model for him in helping him choose healthy eating habits. He contrasts this to the rise in obesity currently, saying that families eat out more often now than they used to. 40% of meals are eaten outside the home was the figure quoted. When they do eat in, it’s frozen or prepared foods.

I think it would be an interesting study to see how the growth of women in the workforce parallels the growth in obesity in the US. Working mothers don’t have time to plan and prepare healthy meals for their kids. So they either eat out at places like McDonalds, order pizza, or thaw out a tv dinner for their children.

Now it is very in vogue to fault McDonalds for causing the obesity in this country. But who is feeding their children? Who is teaching them, at a very early age what to eat?

In one interesting bit of the movie, he estimates that children see 10,000 ads for fast food and sugary cereal in a year. He compares this to the number of meals that the parent could prepare for them in a year, 1000. He says, see — parents don’t stand a chance against that much advertisement. But look, as the parent, you can tell your child what to eat. You can turn off the TV. You have control of the stick and the carrot, even if McDonalds does have a pretty appetizing carrot.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a good egg mcmuffin every now and again. Some of my fondest memories figure under those golden arches. When my Grandma Katie took me out to the McDonalds drive-through, when I attended the grand opening of McDonalds in Virginia Beach complete with a half pipe and a bmx crew, my first Monopoly game piece, and my family’s mass migration to Alaska where we marked each passing state by the quality of their McDonald’s restaurant. But it was a treat. We didn’t eat it every day, we were lucky if we ate there once a month.

I also am not sure relegating women only to housework is a good idea, either. But for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In this case, we have done nothing to replace the role of woman as the center of a stable household that taught their children good eating habits. The schools have certainly not done their part, as shown in Super Size Me. Whether it is the man or the woman or a meal preparation service, if you can afford it, healthy eating habits must start at home.

If the shoe fits…

…wear it. But what if the shoe fits and you don’t want to wear it. You’re wearing a custom fitting wing tip and all you want to put on is a size XL plastic flip flop? Or the inverse, your cowboy boot rubs your second ‘hammer’ toe a little too often. I’m not going to strap on my Little Preppy® Deck Shoes to go to the little red hen even if they fit like my first retainer, unless the planets were inline and I just reupped my accident insurance.

So why do I feel like I’m wearing size 9 moon boots? Cause their flippin’ sweet that’s why!

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So I watched Singles tonight. I enjoyed identifying Seattle landmarks, Gasworks, greenlake, the University Garage (I pass by one of it’s descendants every day after work), the old off ramp (now Graceland?), and of course the jagged peaks of the cascades, the ferry’s, the float planes and the iconic Space Needle. I was 16 in Boise when it was released. The movie is forgettable, but it made me look on this city again with fresh eyes. Much like you do after you leave a town for a couple years and come back. I wish they would film more movies in Seattle, it is so pretty.


I got a Praying Mants ootheca from the Indoor Sun Shoppe yesterday. It looks like a pork rind rolled up into a cocoon.


Please ignore the Janet Leigh picture to the left. Don’t worry, Bertie came out of the shower alive!

I think these guys are going to hatch in 2 weeks. You can see on the right that I put it close to the ceramic heater. This is supposed to simulate summer, which will make the little carnivores hatch. Yes I know what you are thinking, and yes, I will serve these guys to Bertie. Sorry Zorak!



I just spent the evening with Kate and Jordan. Kate turns 31 this weekend. She will be in Hawaii with Jordan. Lucky duck!

She loved her new sewing machine Jordan got her. It is named “Brother”. I wonder if she appreciates having a little brother in her house again.

Kate made the best bread tonight. It was all sourdoughy and wheaty.

Kate was bemoaning the fact there are only 2500 wild Zebras left in the world. It is a very small number. I wonder why there are so few? They are a relative of the horse, I wonder if anyone has ever tamed one?

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Heidi’s Birthday

Kei and I travelled to see Heidi on her 21st Birthday on Saturday morning. We delivered a vintage Trek I outfitted with upright bars, new brakes and a shiny brass bell.



Oh boy, it’s tax time. The question is, to do it myself or to go somewhere. There is a smart looking sexy woman a la Tina Fay on the H&R Block site. But the Turbo Tax web page has a youthful couple obviously having a blast doing their taxes on their laptop. I need a picture of a coffee addled day trader to get me inspired.