Trying my hand at making a San Francisco Sourdough Starter

We’re expecting again. Yes, Simon was born only 3 months ago and we are already expecting. Except we’re not expecting a child, it’s a San Francisco Sourdough!

Now that I’ve raised your hackles, let me say that those of you who wish to join me for Sourdough Pancakes in San Francisco with the true Lactobacillus sanfranciscensis may have the chance soon enough. I’m making two recipes. One wild yeast only starter and one from the Fields of Greens cookbook. As with any parent with multiple children, I’ll start comparing them and rating them as soon as humanly possible. Photos to come.

Mission Pies

Kei and I visited Mission Pies this evening. We stuffed our pie holes with a Banana Creme and Shaker Lemon Pie. They topped them with a dollop of homemade whipped cream. Delish. I think I’ll be back for some more Banana Creme pie.

On our way back the moon was low, dingy yellow and menacing. I took a shaky iPhone photo to document, but it didn’t turn out.

Connecticut Yankee

It’s Saturday night, and after a long perilous journey into the bowls of Ikea (where Kei and I smote the Minotaur, collected our handmade paper lamps, our steel shower caddies and fought the throngs of similarly budget minded nesters (Edward Norton eat you heart out)) we are at the Connecticut Yankee enjoying an enormous fried chicken and prime rib dinner while Kei rides out the final days of the football season watching the Indiana San Diego game. The pub is quite homey. The walls are covered with old time sports celebrities (Joe Montana is striking a prayer pose to my right) and Otis Redding Plays on the stereo. I have a feeling we will return here before the season is over.

Kei is first in line for Kitchen Kura

Kei and I walked down to a local japanese homestyle restaurant down the street last week. Its called Kitchen Kura and its just like sitting down to grandma’s kitchen (except my Grandma was from Nebraska, not Nagoya). The food was very delicious, authentic, and reasonably priced. The restaurant has about 5 tables, and lots of hand printed signs around telling you what’s fresh that day. Kei had a fish that was broiled in sake dreg sauce (kasuzuke), buttery and so delicate and yummy. I have a feeling we will be coming back to this little neighborhood gem before we move to Mission Bay.

Here’s a video the restaurant produced that shows all the goodies: