The next big thing

I just saw a lady riding down the street on a unicycle. I seem to see more and more of these now. Could unicycles be the next big fad? At one point, it was hip to have a fixed gear bicycle as seen by the number of fixies road by bike messengers and kids who aspired for the messenger look, as well as the popularity of sites like I admit, I’ve been taken with the fixed gear thing for awhile. But why would I want something with less gears, let alone no handlebars, breaks or one wheel when I could have more?

It seems like this shares a common thread with, the hipster pda, ukuleles, knitting and gardening. These are all fads around simplicity. I don’t know, maybe people want to make this busy 8 blade razor world simple again, like bringing back the double mint twins. Maybe it’s just fun? All I know is that if you want to get ahead of this craze, I would start reserving your domain names for (available at time of posting) and the like now.

Oh wait, maybe this trend has already jumped the shark, I see there is already a section for Extreme Unicycle riding in wikipedia. I am not making this up.

Rained today

It is beginning to look more and more like fall, with some yellow leaves on the trees outside my office. In addition it rained today, accentuating my need for fenders.

After not having ridden hardly at all during the warm, sunny months, I’m starting back into commuting more regularly to work. Similar to how sailing is starting up again. Maybe I really enjoy being cold and wet.

This book about living car-free looks very interesting. Not that it is rocket science that you can save a bunch of money by not owning a car, but it’s nice to have someone break-out how easily you can do this now with car sharing, easy cheap car rentals and mooching off your girlfriends car… I think when Kei and I live closer to Northgate we’ll be able to take advantage of more flexcar vehicles and shorter trips to work.

Speed Bumps, Discovery Park, Monday Night Football

A picture of Kei on our Saturday walk to Discovery Park and a Monday Night Football shot of Kei, Kay, Mac, Loren, and Erica (cut off) at the PI.

Magnolia walkCool speed bumpsMonday Night Football, PI

The speed bumps below I thought were rather neat. They are wide enough to slow cars, yet don’t obstruct the flow of bicycle traffic. These were found in the “Tangletown” neighborhood on 55th.

Here is a short movie (3.8MB AVI) showing cars slowing for these.

Speedbump Movie

Some recent photos

Loren and I celebrating on the Champs Elysees with Lance, Peter Kowalke came to visit, and of course, a couple Bertie shots.

Seven.Bros.img_3502.jpgimg_3504.jpgGoin' down.img_3508.jpg

Here are some photos my new Motorolla v3 RAZR took. Not terrible for a phone, not great either.


From left to right: A great self portrait, mug shot, Kei at lunch at Sabai Sabai, Heidi+Kate+Kei and I went to see a Twilight Zone, some photos of Grandma+Jordan+Dad+Kate+Heidi+Kei+Mom on the porch at Jordan’s, Kate looking likea tree elf, a trip Dad and I took to see the fish ladder, Nathaniel Kaplan’s 4th birthday party, and yet another shower shot of Bertie. Maybe this should be an 18 and over site!

Poor Rasmussen

He was in 3rd. 4 bike changes and 2 crashes later, he is in 7th.

Rasmussen decimated

Did he throw the race on purpose? Or did somebody sabotage his bike? Maybe he just has a fear of being third for 7 years in a row, like Jan. We may never know.

Early Mornin’ Tour

Kei and I have figured out you need to wake up at 5:30 am to get the best tour coverage. No Al FishHead, very little Bobke. Just pure Phil and Paul goodness. I am not alone. The tour will now ruin my nightlife. Oh, wait, what nightlife?

Last night’s tour

I was quite impressed with the performance last night of Michael Rasmussen. Of course, Lance destroyed the field and has proven he isn’t riding this tour just for more Nike endorsements. But after Sunday’s performance by Rasmussen and yesterday, I wonder if Rasmussen will end up in a spot in the podium in Paris.

Floyd Landis

OK. I know what you’re thinking. He left lance during his farewell tour like the drummer of an arena rock band at the height of their career. From Discovery to Phonak, Landis has discouraged many folks I’ve talked to. But he’s got to start at some point building his career. And besides, even though he went from the yank-centered Disco team to a swiss hearing aid company, he’s still an American GC contender, one of the few we have in the tour after the venerable Lance. And c’mon, just check out his playlist. It don’t get any more country fried than that!