Some older photos

Bertie nabs a cockroach.img_4070.jpgimg_4072.jpgDungeness Crab, mussels and frittes.Bertie Strikes a stick bug, who later is split in half and the top half walks away.

These are some shot’s I took of Bertie eating, and Kei and my crab feast the other day. I really like the shot of Bertie and the stick bug. It is funny, because the stick bug got chopped in half while Bertie was chomping away. The top half walked away! Bertie dispatched of the top half in due time.

This next shot is when Bertie saw himself in the mirror. I guess he thought it was a competing male, so he showed the brightest yellow in response.


Bright yellow chameleon

Sorry, I haven’t posted in awhile. It seems like when the most stuff is happening the least stuff gets posted.

The content development office of Metro One is closing. This sucks, big time. My job is safe but everything I’ve been working for the last 5 years is done. I really am mourning this. While I probably could have seen this coming, it is very hard to know the day is here.

Kei defends her thesis tomorrow. Good luck Kei! I wish I could be there to see her.

Bertie turned the brightest shade of yellow and orange today. I snapped it on my camera phone. Maybe I”ll be able to upload the picture tomorrow. It will not do him justice. I put a mirror in front of him, per his breeder’s advice, and it was like I had a completely new pet.

I had dinner at Jordan’s tonight. Brigitta and her husband Liem were there. We had spot prawns. They had these bright red eggs on them and a jerk sauce. Just delightful.

I must go out and get Mao. He’s roaming around late at night, because he slept all day. Ah, the bachelor life.

Some recent photos

Loren and I celebrating on the Champs Elysees with Lance, Peter Kowalke came to visit, and of course, a couple Bertie shots.

Seven.Bros.img_3502.jpgimg_3504.jpgGoin' down.img_3508.jpg

Here are some photos my new Motorolla v3 RAZR took. Not terrible for a phone, not great either.


From left to right: A great self portrait, mug shot, Kei at lunch at Sabai Sabai, Heidi+Kate+Kei and I went to see a Twilight Zone, some photos of Grandma+Jordan+Dad+Kate+Heidi+Kei+Mom on the porch at Jordan’s, Kate looking likea tree elf, a trip Dad and I took to see the fish ladder, Nathaniel Kaplan’s 4th birthday party, and yet another shower shot of Bertie. Maybe this should be an 18 and over site!

Family Tree

Bertie’s father is an Ambilobe (below left) and his mother is a Sambava. Peg Leg (below right) is his uncle on his mother’s side.


I have seen bertie flash oranges slightly between the red and yellow orange of his parents. Usually, he is a blue teal.


Bertram Baggins

Bertie is becoming a hobbit.


Notice the bagginess in his chest area. And I always thought he looked more like a smeagol. (No offense, Bertie).

Bertie Blood Panel Results

Here are the results of Bertie’s blood test. It says his white blood cells are dark and shrunken, “consider bacteriology”.

  • Page 1 (262 kb PDF) contains white blood cell count
  • Page 2 (199 kb PDF) contains calcium phosphorus ratio

Blood Panel

I’m off to pick up some medication and a copy of Bertie’s blood panel. Apparently he has an infection. Hopefully this will set him on the right path.

Good thing I’m not posting my political entries anymore. Jordan suggested I get another blog titled “nowhereme” for those. Dang, that’s funny!

Bertie Cam 2000

I think I need to hook up a web camera and point it at Bertie’s cage. This way, I can slack off at work and check up on Bertie’s status. I found a good article on how to do it here.

All I need is a $50 network bridge, and I think I’d be all set. I don’t think I’d need to put in the waterproof housing. That is, unless I wanted it inside the cage…