New iPhone

I took a run today along the waterfront. Felt good to get moving after so long vegetating.

Kei and Simon walked behind me to the Ferry Building. We bought some fancy food and had a picnic across the street at Sue Bierman Park. Simon enjoyed playing alligator with another kid who was Captain Hook in the pirate ship. He also liked the “big boy” slide.

Kei and Simon got passport photos after from Leetone Photos. Quick and friendly service. They had a plaque on the wall that said “Rule #1: Take care of your customer or someone else will.” True, as we noticed a brand new “spanky” passport photo place moved in across the street. Leetone appeared to be from 1897, but efficient and friendly nonetheless.

Later that day, I finally got fed up with my iphone lasting about 15 minutes without a charger and took it to the *ahem* Genius bar at Apple. They couldn’t replace the battery, so they gave me a new phone. It’s 18 months old, so I forked over $80 for a new phone. Not bad, considering I didn’t shell out 100 a year for apple care. Now, I am attempting to milk this one at least until the next iphone release. There are some good instructions at Apple for how to make an iphone battery retain up to 80% of its original life after 500 charge and recharge cycles.

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