Dr Seuss Tree

Walking through the Mission Bay campus on my our way to the Philly game this afternoon, we noticed some trees with little gumballs hanging from them. It isn’t a gumball tree like we had in Virginia, but something else. Any ideas?

Mission Pies

Kei and I visited Mission Pies this evening. We stuffed our pie holes with a Banana Creme and Shaker Lemon Pie. They topped them with a dollop of homemade whipped cream. Delish. I think I’ll be back for some more Banana Creme pie.

On our way back the moon was low, dingy yellow and menacing. I took a shaky iPhone photo to document, but it didn’t turn out.

What can’t Brown do for you?

I’m at Sea Tac airport and saw a table full of UPS drivers having an impromptu convention. I saw a table full of UPS drivers at breakfast, donned in their snappy Brown uniforms, at the Redmond Motor Inn. As I was shoveling down my continental breakfast, I overheard someone commenton how I5 was closed due to flooding, and I90 was closed due to avalanches. It looks like Brown will be blue tonight.

Connecticut Yankee

It’s Saturday night, and after a long perilous journey into the bowls of Ikea (where Kei and I smote the Minotaur, collected our handmade paper lamps, our steel shower caddies and fought the throngs of similarly budget minded nesters (Edward Norton eat you heart out)) we are at the Connecticut Yankee enjoying an enormous fried chicken and prime rib dinner while Kei rides out the final days of the football season watching the Indiana San Diego game. The pub is quite homey. The walls are covered with old time sports celebrities (Joe Montana is striking a prayer pose to my right) and Otis Redding Plays on the stereo. I have a feeling we will return here before the season is over.