Trip to Rivendell Bicycle Works

Rivendell Bicycle Works

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Kei and I took a trip up to visit the wool wearing chaps at the Rivendell Bicycle works in Walnut Creek. We enjoyed testing out the A Homer Hilsons, the Altanti and the (soon to be defunct) Ramboulliet. The folks were very friendly and not pushy. I got measured for a bike, as did Kei. They measure you on a stump with horsehoes where you put your feet, and then you pull up this stick to your crotch attached to some measuring tape. I ended up coming away with a Noodle bar, some new brake hoods and some TekPro interrupters for the Mercian. Kei is now thinking about the joys of a proper bike.

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MP3 Experiment

Kei and I participated in the San Francisco MP3 experiment, thanks to her lab friend Mike. I donned my red Gang Of Four Entertainment T Shirt and headed out with my ipod queued to the MP3 voice of Steve.

Here is a description of the event.

It was a good study in crowd dynamics (Swarming, if you will). We played some exciting activities like “attacker” and “defender” with random primary color clad strangers. We also did Human Tetris, twister and had an “Epic Battle”. That was a good study in crowd dynamics.

I think the most fun part was the beginning, however, when we spooked the normals. When everyone was synchronized (more or less, pretty good for the San Francisco crowd) to the voice of the omnipresent MP3 voice of Steve, and started walking in one direction, pointing to the Golden Gate Bridge and giving the normals high fives, it definitely piqued interest among the civilians. We played some thumb wars with strangers, and started walking en masse to do the large activities, it apparently dropped the interest level. Karen, Mike’s wife had a graph to display the interest levels. I love it:

Karen's Napkin Graph. Depicts the interest level of the normals during the MP3 Experiment.

On the Y axis you have the level of interest. On the X axis you have the time (marked by event (umbrellas opening, epic battle, etc.). Notice how the interest level goes up until the Umbrellas go up. Then they go down as the event appears to be obviously a performance art piece. Not the zombification of lots of primary clad impressionable internet enabled folk.