What music do you clean best to?

As I was scrubbing the oven grate, and some drum and bass music played on KEXP, I started scrubbing to the beat. I began to wonder what the best music for cleaning is. I recall growing up, we’d listen to the Andrews Sisters on Saturday “Fine Bin” day…where Mom would put anything of yours that was not in your room in a plastic bin and theoretically would fine you a nickel for whatever she found. I’m not sure I ever got charged. Oh well, you can send me the bill now, Mom. Any-who, what music do you clean best to?

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Rollin’ up my sleeves

This weekend Kei and I are cleaning our old apartment. I can’t think of anything more fun to do with my weekend, except perhaps getting a root canal by a blind dentist. As my boss put it, you have to wonder if the time you put into cleaning a place is really worth getting the deposit back…I figure I’ll make a whole $3.75 an hour on this weekend. But now is not the time for whining, it is for stoicism, rolling up sleeves, slapping on the rubber gloves and zen-ing out with Comet, Simple Green and Pine Sol. Wish me luck.

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Tamarind Tree and Round the County


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On Friday I had a delicious dinner date at the Tamarind Tree, a Vietnamese restaurant. You can see Kei here clutching her champagne cocktail that she nurses while we wait an hour for our table. She just got paid and took me out to dinner for 7 courses of beef.

And after that I sailed around the San Juan Islands for Round the County. I tell you I was dreaming of seven courses of beef while pounding down Rosario Straight in 30+ knots of breeze. It was all I could do to pull out a wet trail mix bar for lunch that day. I did fill up a pint of coffee in my thermos, which I managed to sneek up to the rail while we were going upwind. After a cup of coffee myself, I handed a small cup to Dustin, my mast man. Just as he was taking a sip a giant wave crashed over the boat and the cup filled with seawater. Funny thing, he just kept on drinking the salty swill. I guess coffee flavored seawater tastes better than straight seawater.

Wet November Move

Kei and I have moved. Last Saturday we grabbed a couple friends (thanks Loren and Carol!), a 16′ Budget rental truck and loaded all our earthly posessions for an epic 7 mile journey to the northern slopes of Seattle. If you need our new address just email me.

Three months ago, during the heat of a nuclear summer, I pushed out our move a few months. “Moving in August? That sounds too dry, too pleasant. Give me a November move any day, when the sky really opens up!” So, like Noah I packed up my stuff up two by two (Mao and Bertie, Salt and Pepper, Shampoo and Conditioner) and watched the waters rise. Now that we’re in and dry I’m thankful I moved in November. You see, the last place I moved into was a A number 1 for summer livin. Lots of shade, cross breeze, etc. Unfortunately when winter hit it was a mold party. So having selected this fair little house during the winter months I was able to guage it’s water tight-ness. OK. This was no great prescience on my part, I just was too exhausted last August after my company move to look at another box again. But it worked out OK.

Jordan and Kate came by last night and brought some delicious housewarming Minestrone. They even left the left overs. Ah shucks!

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Water, Water, Every Hare

Call me…

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I decided stubornly that I’m not going to sign another 2 year contract with my Cell phone provider just so I can get the same phone I have (and get a $50 charge). Rather than go to someone else and sign their 2 year contract to get the same phone for free, I’m taking drastic measures and disassembling the thing myself, giving it an alcohol bath, and letting it dry for 2 days. I’m thinking some salt water got in to it and is bridging the contacts between the volume key and all the other circuits.

Somewhat related, my mom sent me this link to some classic Warner Brothers cartoons last night for halloween. This is my favorite one, Water, Water, Every Hare. It features Bugs going about his morning routine without knowing he’s six feet under water. Man, I wish I lived in the cartoon world. Then my phone would still work (but I’d have an 8 foot red harry monster after me!).

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