2 thoughts on “Google Transit for Seattle

  1. Google is just branching out in all kinda directions. I did a a little model on the site of going to and from the theater. Going there worked great! It showed me an easy route much faster than the Metro site could. However getting back home (I put in after 11, as that is when the show is over) was another thing as you can see:

    They want me to walk from the last bus stop over the canal!

  2. Yikes! It looks like you’d have to wear your diving bell.

    I noticed that one route from a Northgate rental across the interstate from my work had me walking across the interstate. I guess that is why all Google’s software is in Beta.

    However, it did help us realize that all Kei had to do to get from the rental to her work is walk a few blocks to catch a bus to lake city way. Metro had her going downtown or to the university to catch a transfer from Northgate to Lake City.