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My new ride

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The auto show this year was filled with many interesting four wheeled vehicles, but none won my heart more than the cammo four wheel drive atv. What do you think they’d say to me if I showed up to work with this? If I worked at the post office, probably nothing!

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In honor of Beryl Kraay

My Grandma, Beryl Kraay passed away yesterday morning. Her indomitable spirit, generous love and unrehearsed and unguarded attitude toward life are a lesson for us all. She was 92. Funeral services will be held in Boise, Idaho, Friday morning at the Cloverdale funeral home.

Grandma Beryl

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Phone is fried

If you’re trying to call me and I’m not responding it is due to a dead phone, not because I don’t love you. If you’re not trying to call me and you don’t care if my phone is dead then you probably stopped reading this a sentence ago. I’m available through google chat and email.

My phone took a deep breath of the finest sea water that the Puget Sound could kick up yesterday, as I forgot it was in my coat pocket all day at PSSC. I did the Jordan trick where I keep the battery out of it all day and actually put it next to our dehumidifier but no luck. The last thing I want to do now is buy another phone. But “it is what it is” or so they say. What is “it”, anyway?

Answer: Disposable technology. I had an Eriksson cell phone a few years back that I washed several times and it always dried out and worked fine afterward. Perhaps the saltwater did a number on the trendy little RAZR, or maybe they just don’t make ’em like they used to.

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Microsoft to distribute new browser via automatic update

The support desk workers are understandably flustered that Microsoft is choosing to distribute the new major version of Internet Explorer via an automatic update. This will happen sometime in the next month or so. It’s worth noting because there are many changes in this browser, mostly good ones, but you should know that you don’t have to upgrade, and if you accidentally do, you can rollback by going to add/remove programs. Of course all my friends and family are using firefox so it won’t be an issue, right?

IE7 + Automatic Update = support nightmare! » at Tom Raftery’s I.T. views

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The next big thing

I just saw a lady riding down the street on a unicycle. I seem to see more and more of these now. Could unicycles be the next big fad? At one point, it was hip to have a fixed gear bicycle as seen by the number of fixies road by bike messengers and kids who aspired for the messenger look, as well as the popularity of sites like I admit, I’ve been taken with the fixed gear thing for awhile. But why would I want something with less gears, let alone no handlebars, breaks or one wheel when I could have more?

It seems like this shares a common thread with, the hipster pda, ukuleles, knitting and gardening. These are all fads around simplicity. I don’t know, maybe people want to make this busy 8 blade razor world simple again, like bringing back the double mint twins. Maybe it’s just fun? All I know is that if you want to get ahead of this craze, I would start reserving your domain names for (available at time of posting) and the like now.

Oh wait, maybe this trend has already jumped the shark, I see there is already a section for Extreme Unicycle riding in wikipedia. I am not making this up.

Rained today

It is beginning to look more and more like fall, with some yellow leaves on the trees outside my office. In addition it rained today, accentuating my need for fenders.

After not having ridden hardly at all during the warm, sunny months, I’m starting back into commuting more regularly to work. Similar to how sailing is starting up again. Maybe I really enjoy being cold and wet.

This book about living car-free looks very interesting. Not that it is rocket science that you can save a bunch of money by not owning a car, but it’s nice to have someone break-out how easily you can do this now with car sharing, easy cheap car rentals and mooching off your girlfriends car… I think when Kei and I live closer to Northgate we’ll be able to take advantage of more flexcar vehicles and shorter trips to work.