Infone Alternative

Dial 1-800-FREE-411 for free directory assistance. For those of you who liked Infone, here is a free alternative. Uses targeted ads to generate revenue. If you call for pizza in Seattle, for instance, you might get an ad for Dominoes. Not bad for free, though.

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Talk to a human being when you dial any company, gethuman. Hate a company? The quickest way to bankrupt them is to talk for a long time on their customer service line.

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Constant Gardener

After watching this Academy Award winning film, I was quite moved. The scenes of Kenya seemed so real, not like something you would see on a Sally Struthers commercial with distended darky children, but with smiling children — human children, faced with the greatest crisis of our time. Obviously, the film is fiction of the geopolitical spy genre, but it was quite gripping how it brought you as an outsider into the world of the gardener, travelling with him into the seemy world of pharmeceutics, money and power in Africa.

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2005 FPW

I finally caved in and bought an lcd monitor. After about 20 minutes using it, I honestly don’t know how I did it with the 12 inch laptop for a year. Checking email was one thing, but the little web development I did on it was very taxing.

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Corned Beef Hash

With St. Patricks day over and done with, I was in a blue funk. To help get some green back in my life, I used the leftovers for Corned Beef Hash, perhaps the tastiest breakfast meal I’ve ever had — not to mention the easiest. I flavored it with a little garlic and some chipotle pepper sauce, but that was it. Just chopped up the leftover vegetables and corned beef, fried in a cast iron pan with a little bacon fat, and added a little broth from the veggies. Waited till it browned, and then plopped in a few eggs. Heaven!

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St Pats and other Photos

I’m experimenting with Flickr and WordPress integration. You should be able to see St Patricks day Photos on the right under “Recent Photos” if you are using the WordPress Default theme. Or you can just look here.Flickr Fotos.

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Some Photos

The first set of photos were taken after a sailing race. We went to the George and Dragon to regroup. The next set are a walk I took to Greenlake, after a frenzied morning at work.

Mao squinting in the sun.Sean at the George and Dragon.anna, a sailor.A Jensen!What kind of car is this?Derek, another sailor, on his green goblin.GreenlakeBottoms Up!Civic involvement.I'm gonna get you....Quack Quack, are these geese or ducks? They were much larger than the Mallards.Modern man with dogs and baby,