How to increase the standard of living in Africa

Open markets, not handouts, are the key to prosperity in Africa. This UN article explains on a human level how customs and trade barriers between African Nations affects growth of prosperity in African Countries. In December the trade talks dubbed the Doha Development Agenda were meant to reduce the barriers to trade from poor nations to rich nations. This Economist Article suggests, however, that not only should we remove barriers like the US’s subsidies on Cotton, but also barriers between small African countries which possibly do more harm to development efforts than barriers to rich country’s markets. Perhaps Adam Smith was right all along.

Trade Barriers

Photo : ©Impact Visuals / Wim van Cappellen

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Salumi’s and Portland

Here are some shots of my trip to Portland. I went to Salumi’s before hopping on the train. It was much better than having a bowl of Ivar’s clam chowder. There are also some shots of the practice we did today. A fairly laid back day, as you can tell.

Carnival of carnage.More carnage.Menu.Waiting On-line.Banquet seating.Salumi'sSeattle Train StationSalumi's is on the corner of 3rd Ave S and 2nd Ave Ext S (what is EXT?)The girl on the right was jumping up and down with excitement to see her mother.img_4389.jpgShot out the moving train window of Puget Sound.Starbucks is now dispensing wisdom along with $3 cups of coffee.james balancing on the foredeck while doing a very important maneuver with his beer can.Looking down on the crew. It was an easy day.Slick rick one handing the tiller.Sean making a point about sailing.Another point made about sailing.Kathryn.Clyde.Jib sheet around a winch. Notice we are only going 4 knots.
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How to Do What You Love (or hate your work less)

Someone just pointed me to Paul Graham’s website. The first article hit home How to Do What You Love. My question now is, do I go the organic route and grow in my career to do more of what I love, or do I go the two jobs route and make money in order to support what I love. It seems like if I continue in this career, the last option will be more dangerous due to the time required to make it work. However, there is some parts of my job I do enjoy, the team work, problem solving, creativity and some of the design. Perhaps I can grow this into something I love organically.

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Software Management Reading List

I enjoyed looking over the titles in Joel Spolksy’s Management Training Reading List. Several books that have influenced me heavily are in there, including “Peopleware,” “The Mythical Man Month” and “the Ten Minute Manager”. What I was more pleased with was that several books I am about to read or are high on my to read list are there, incluing a couple bit’s on design including Krug’s short treatise on web usability “Don’t Make Me Think” and “The Design of Everyday Things” about just that. Of course, I have yet to read some of the classics including “How to win friends and influence people” and “Getting to Yes”. I have a lot of work ahead of me.

Toliva Shoals

Just got back from an exhausting but very fun race from Olympia to Toliva Shoals. The weather was just like the front picture on that link, clear, breeze, and intimidating views of Rainier and the Cascades bearing down over you. My camera must have gotten salt in it, because I wasn’t able to take pictures after the first few hours. Even though it was clear it was very wet on the bow, due to the steady 15-20 knot winds that were kicking up 2 foot wind waves.

Finish Line

So ,this was my first race on bow. It was a fair amount of work, something I never appreciated until now. My shins are bruised, my nails ground down or broken off, my arms useless, my hands cracked with salt but it was very fun. I think I was more engaged in the race than normal due to the alertness you need to maintain while on the bow.

Below are a few photos of the race along with some around work photos last Friday.

Nuthin but net.Skateboarding is not a crime, dude!Sunbirds.Coworkers at our daily trip to the lake.Kate and I went to have lunch at the Bengal Tiger. It was so clear and beautiful out.Untr Musicy Ahoo...some kind of anagram there I know!Toliva shoals, before the gun.From the left, Andy (covered by the sail), James, Dean on the tiller, Dustin and in the foreground Slick Rick.See how much heel this boat has? It was around 15 to 20 kts.Cascade mountains.Rainier.Pat and Clyde.img_4280.jpg
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Zee Sun!

After months of rain, we have finally broken into a sunny streak in Seattle. I bleached out the mold in the pickup. The cherry blossoms are already beginning to bud. Even if the groundhog saw his shadow, I am ready for springtime.

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Football season, fin

Seahwawks loose to the Steelers, 21-10. The score does not show how close it was. But beyond talk about bad calls, everyone against the Seahawks, I am really thankful that the Seahawks got this far. I had a lot of fun cheering them on. I will be back next year.

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