Debating Hosting the Superbowl Party and Ford Fusion

We are considering hosting the Superbowl party over at our house this weekend. I’m thinking if I can borrow the projector from work, we could have a very big screen tv. My house is kinda small, but it might be fun, everyone sitting on the floor watching the game on the big screen.

Last week when I drove to Portland I drove a Ford Taurus. It was not a bad ride, considering it was a rental. Very comfortable front wheel drive yacht feeling. This got me thinking about the Ford Fusion, the replacement for the Taurus, which I recall sitting in at the auto show and being impressed by it’s subdued interior styling. Didn’t look like a domestic car, more like an audi. They are offering a $200 lease on them, with no money down. Never having done a lease, I’m skeptical, but really realize how convenient it would be to have a decent car for long distance trips to Beaverton, OR. I hear they are going to come out with hybrid + awd models in a few years. That would have sealed the deal.

On the other hand, I can rent a car when I need one, and use the train, and bike commute to work. Not only would this be more environmentally sensitive, it would keep me in shape and save me money. The thing is, I’m driving Kei’s car every day to work anyway, so it would be good to not steal her mobility for my slothfulness.

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Date of Birth

Hey Kids, Open Circle Theater is presenting a John Kaufman original performance D.O.B., starting yesterday and going til’ February 25. I haven’t seen it yet, but I did see one of his ingenious interactive plays before and will tell you there is nothing like it! Also, there is nothing like Kate Kraay, dear sister o’ mine, on the stage. Do yourself a favor and go early and often!

Fair weather hat

OK, I’ll admit it, I’m not the worlds greatest football fan. And I’ve only lived in Seattle for 6 years. But I am so excited about the superbowl I can hardly sleep. Maybe that is the 16 latte’s I have a day, but maybe not. What is it about this sport, this event, that makes all of us sit up and take notice? I don’t know. All I know is that on Saturday, before the NFC championship, I had to go down to the PRO shop at Qwest field and buy a hat.

Tipping my hat.

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John in morning makes $120,000 a year

According to this December article in the Seattle Weekly, KEXP‘s host John Richards makes an annual salary of $120,000. This is a public broadcasting station. College kids with no money are drooling on lecture hall desks city wide because they spent their latte money on a Pledge drive last year that raised $375,000. On top of that, the director gave himself a $20K raise at the same time their ill fated KXOT Tacoma station was cut, due to financial worries. I guess sugar daddie Paul Allen is not putting out any more. This story sounds like the heady bubble days of 2002 when startups were going busted while installing bowling lanes with free beer waterfountains in the lobby. Flash in the pan? I hope not, I like the music they play.

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Colts Falling Apart

They’ve only managed to put 3 points on the board. It’s almost the end of the 3rd quarter. It looks like they just didn’t come prepared, 3 weeks off, etc. Kei and I are going on a walk instead of watching them struggle against the dream stealers.

Seattle Win

Seattle eeked out a victory today against my former favorite, the Washington Redskins. Shaun Alexander got out in the first quarter, after fumbling twice, due to a concussion. It was a pretty good game. We watched it at Harvey’s pizza, with copious amounts of cheesey pizza and icy cold schooners of Rainier, it was a good time. Next time I go there for a game, though, I’ll remember my wooly hat. It was cold.

Off to Portland

I’m going down to Portland for anothe business trip. This is most likely going to be a biweekly trip. I was going to take the train, but the tracks are washed out by a mudslide. They are bussing people instead. So a coworker offered to drive us down (he was going anyway).

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