Kate and I went to see Walk the Line tonight. Juaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon sang all the words to tons of great Cash songs and duets. I especially liked Dylan’s “It ain’t me babe” and the scenes at Folsom Prison. Very well done.

But I was wondering, in the middle of Folsom Prison, during the guitar solo, Johnny Cash says “soo-wee”, like he’s calling a pig, I think. Am I right about that? If so, what does it mean? And what is the origin, or spelling, of “sooo-weee”? Is it “sow eat?”

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It’s a funny thing about electricity. You really take it for granted until it is gone.

I have an electrician over who is trying to figure out why my outlets and lights don’t work in the bedroom, kitchen and Bertie’s room. He was able to get the lights in the Bedroom and Kitchen working, but Bertie’s room will still have to be electrified by an extension cord. Apparently, when Dragan the electrician was going into the attic he noticed mouse poop everywhere. I guess we have mice, or worse, rats in our attic. Perhaps one of them acquired a taste for electrical insulation. Maybe Mao, Kei’s cat, is going to have to develop a taste for rats.

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An apple a day…

My visit to the Shoreline Family Dentist ended with six cavities and one chipped tooth. That’s one cavity per year since I’ve seen the dentist last. Tomorrow I go in to get three fillings. I am taking Nina, my office manager’s, advice and bring my dell dj to listen to while they drill. Dental drills must be the single worst sound ever.

On the positive side, the dental hygenist said that despite my six cavities, my gums and other teeth look good, probably due to my excessive water consumption and the Sonicare toothbrush.

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Some older photos

Bertie nabs a cockroach.img_4070.jpgimg_4072.jpgDungeness Crab, mussels and frittes.Bertie Strikes a stick bug, who later is split in half and the top half walks away.

These are some shot’s I took of Bertie eating, and Kei and my crab feast the other day. I really like the shot of Bertie and the stick bug. It is funny, because the stick bug got chopped in half while Bertie was chomping away. The top half walked away! Bertie dispatched of the top half in due time.

This next shot is when Bertie saw himself in the mirror. I guess he thought it was a competing male, so he showed the brightest yellow in response.


Friday Night

Last night Kei, Kate, Jordan and I had a fun evening of truffles, theatre, bar hopping and coffee talk.

Kate's swollen thumb.Walkin in the Cold toward Smoke Shop.Threesome.Red vines growing on door.Kate and Jordan late night.

I bought a single black truffle at the ballard market for $6. Kei cooked it up with some white truffle oil and fettucine. I made a red kale, onion, garlic and tomato rabe. It was simple but good.

We then went to see Memory of Water in ballard. We sat on five a red couch. It was really hot and tight. But it was good to be in the front row. We went afterwards for a walk and ended up at the Smoke Shop. We celebrated the last days of smoking in bars by going to one of the smokiest in Seattle, this side of the College Inn Pub. We finished off the night at Kate and Jordans for some coffee and discussion about the play.

Well, I guess you want to know about the play. We weren’t thrilled by the English accents. Kate said the writing was clever, but not transcendant. Kei and I did find the end, where the dead mother walks out the door sad. And the scene where they stumble out of the house with the coffin was funny, believe it or not. But it was not a bad night out, for a play so close to us. Go Ballard!

Cheers: Kate just got a part in the new John Kaufman play, director of Linger and Starball. Congratulations, Kate!

Jeers: To inanimite objects! Kate smashed her finger in something or other to make it the grotesque black and blue you see above. We are living in a material world, I know, but c’mon. Let’s keep it off the joints man!

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Here is a very good article about getting started by my favorite software developer pundit, Joel Spolsky. It doesn’t have to be good, but if you just do something and get it out publicly, you are bound to get more accomplished. As someone who suffers from procrasination big time, this helps.

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Seattle International Auto Show

I went to the 2005 Seattle International Auto Show last night with Frank and Jeff. This is my fifth year in a row going to this. It did not dissapoint.

Clark Gable's RollsHollywood smileAston MartonAston MartonMonster V12Halloween LamborghiniOn the Lamb.This car is larger than you think.2004 Rolls Royce PhantomInfo about the PhantomThis isn't your father's biturbo.Black MaseratiGo on, touch the leather.You can buy onimg_3983.jpgimg_3984.jpgimg_3985.jpgimg_3986.jpgimg_3988.jpgHurry up in there, I want a turn!Comes with free Sourkraut.Prettiest car at the showimg_3992.jpgScion MCTCimg_3997.jpgMitsubishi RallyI have seen the future, and it is good.Mini C.V.The lonely girls of KiaIt's the HRR, Highly Redundant Retro VehicleBlue HHRSS ConceptNotice the Large Tires and No Center PillarLooks like an Aston Marton from this angle, again, no center pillar.The Touring ZPony car and Jeff.Hybrid Escape. I liked it.Lego Rearview.Lego my Volvo!Notice the names on the two upper right vehicles.I wonder how Audi feels about the Phaeton.Millenium Phalcon style smuggle stowage in a Mini Van.Jeff scoping out the crossfire.Chargerimg_4028.jpgFunny dial a suspension on the L3Go speed racer, go!Speedster.Cobra commander.Funny Honda Ridgeline Ejection handle.img_4038.jpgThe Serpent.img_4042.jpgimg_4043.jpgimg_4040.jpgA3.img_4047.jpgimg_4048.jpgJeff's new ride.

The highlights for me were the A3, Jeff’s new Ram Double Cab, the Phaeton, and the Lego car.