Bright yellow chameleon

Sorry, I haven’t posted in awhile. It seems like when the most stuff is happening the least stuff gets posted.

The content development office of Metro One is closing. This sucks, big time. My job is safe but everything I’ve been working for the last 5 years is done. I really am mourning this. While I probably could have seen this coming, it is very hard to know the day is here.

Kei defends her thesis tomorrow. Good luck Kei! I wish I could be there to see her.

Bertie turned the brightest shade of yellow and orange today. I snapped it on my camera phone. Maybe I”ll be able to upload the picture tomorrow. It will not do him justice. I put a mirror in front of him, per his breeder’s advice, and it was like I had a completely new pet.

I had dinner at Jordan’s tonight. Brigitta and her husband Liem were there. We had spot prawns. They had these bright red eggs on them and a jerk sauce. Just delightful.

I must go out and get Mao. He’s roaming around late at night, because he slept all day. Ah, the bachelor life.

Some photos…

We had an Indian food night and Kei, Kate, Giles and me made roti.

Roti Poof.Roti smack-down!Fall Scene

Then I went sailing a week and a half ago. We left from Edmunds. There was no rain, but alas, no wind.

Snake Oil eludes us.Passing up a Kentucky Woman.On da rail.Hooking up the Jib.Sean steering the boat.img_3832.jpgimg_3833.jpg

Kei is making a food decomposer below. Some Bertie photos also. He is eating a Madagascar pink wing walking stick.

Kei is  drilling holes into her food digester.Going down.Sticks for lunch.

And on last Sunday Kei, Jordan, Kate and Hélène and I went on a Chanterelle foray. We were overwhelemed by them. Didn’t have enough bags.

Very small green frog.Can you spot the Chanterelles in this picture?Mushroom hunter in action...Jordan's magical chanterelle forest.img_3866.jpgimg_3867.jpgIs this Maine or something?img_3869.jpgimg_3871.jpgimg_3872.jpg