On Sunday night I made fried chicken using a recipe similar to this one from Cooks Illustrated, collards and hush puppies from this site. Instead of the ham hocks, I used a pound of prosciutto that mario brothers look alikes Cascioppo brothers sold to me for 5 dollars, because they were out of ham hocks. That turned out pretty good. I boiled the prosciutto for an hour and a half before adding the collards, so it was falling apart when we ate it. The hush puppies also turned out moist and melty, as I’m sure using a teaspoon of bacon fat didn’t hurt that.

The chicken was another story. I soaked it in a buttermilk brine for 40 minutes, rather than the 2 hours recommended by Cooks Illustrated. Then I made the mistake of putting too many pieces into the deep fryer at once. The temperature did not stay at the requisite 325, but fell to 225 rather quickly as I dropped the thigh in the fryer. Next time I’ll do the slow but effective one piece at a time maneuver, or get an outdoor deep fryer.

Missed the concert

I drove over to the Paramount last night at 11pm, all ready to slide right in to a opening act free show of the Arcade Fire, only to be greeted by swarms of mid-twenties hipsters gabbing on cell phones and dodging cabs. I had anticipated lengthy sets by the two opening acts, which in my mind I had starting at 9 pm. They must have started promptly at 8pm, and each been very careful to take only 45 minutes with 15 minute setup periods by the upcoming act.

That is the last time I try to sneak out of seeing the opening act.

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I’m in Tigard, Oregon, sipping Boyd’s coffee at the Embassy Suites. I’m here on business. I never go on business trips, so this is kind of exciting.

The Embassy Suites is kind of the business travellers “I deserve it (and I’m not paying for it) hotel.” The rooms are sort of like sleeping inside a Peet’s coffee. Very brown and masculine.

The Boyds coffee is pretty thin. Not bad for in room courtesy coffee, though.

Here are a couple token shots of the room:

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Speed Bumps, Discovery Park, Monday Night Football

A picture of Kei on our Saturday walk to Discovery Park and a Monday Night Football shot of Kei, Kay, Mac, Loren, and Erica (cut off) at the PI.

Magnolia walkCool speed bumpsMonday Night Football, PI

The speed bumps below I thought were rather neat. They are wide enough to slow cars, yet don’t obstruct the flow of bicycle traffic. These were found in the “Tangletown” neighborhood on 55th.

Here is a short movie (3.8MB AVI) showing cars slowing for these.

Speedbump Movie

Gone Tea!

As I was telling Kate last night, I’ve gone tea. It’s really a cost saving maneuver, as I tend to go out to coffee at least once a day, and even Americano’s get expensive when you tip a dollar per cup.

So I went to Peet’s Coffee down the street and picked up a FORLIFE in mug tea brewer. It brews loose leaf tea in the mug. It is stainless steel, and includes a built in drip catcher that keeps the desk free from drips. Here are some shots of it in action:

FORLIFE In Mug Tea BrewerDrainDrinkSnap, Crackle and Pop!

As you can see it has a nice little handle for lifting it out. This also serves as a nice way to bang it against the trashcan to empty the used Tea bits.

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Choose your own theme

You can now choose your own theme for this blog. Just look for the “Theme” drop down box on the sidebar. There are several to choose from. Please note I did not write these themes, they are the hard work of others in the word press community.

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Kei and I travelled 250 miles to get some crab. While we were up there, we picked up her cat. Here are some photos of the meal. Kei was frustrated earlier because in the lobby, people were filing through to the dining room while we were waiting patiently. It was just like that Seinfeld episode! It was worth the wait, though.


The waiter was very nice, really took care of us. He fished out a giant 4 1/2 pound king crab from the tank, showed it to us, and delivered it back to the kitchen. There, they steamed half of it with loads of garlic, and deep fried the other half. I think I liked the deep fried better than the steamed, and Kei like the steamed crab better. They were both tasty. We also had a hot and sour soup, and chinese brocolli (which we had to box up because we were running out of time) and a red bean soup for dessert.

We had to rush out to grab Mao. Kei slept most of the way back, except for a brief moment of clarity at the border crossing. They didn’t understand why Kei would go up to get her cat in Vancouver, if she lived in Seattle. She explained that she got it delivered to by her housemate, which the guard mistook for “husband”, with hilarious border crossing consequences!

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Sabai Sabai

I took a picture of my favorite Thai restaraunt in Seattle “Sabai Sabai”.


Here is Joe and Wan. Their Pad Thai is the best in Seattle.

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