I’m out

Caloo Calay! I moved out today! I followed the Washington Tenants Union suggestions on move out and documented the condition of the place when I left. Sort of involved, but perhaps worth it.

We photographed all the rooms with Kei and the Seattle Times in each shot. This was to prove it was clean on move-out.

Then I locked up, and sealed the keys in an envelope with my forwarding address, and delivered this to the landlord’s mailbox, all while Kei was watching. Kei can verify that I had no access back into the apartment after we documented the move-out.

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Getting things done

I am in the middle of David Allen’s Getting Things Done. I really like the book, straightforward and immediately applicable in it’s advice. I have “downloaded” all my to do’s onto my Hipster PDA. It has made the moving/cleaning/transition period much more manageable.

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The deposit racket

I was up until midnight last night cleaning the apartment, and I still have miles to go. At least this is a timed activity, over by August 31. Otherwise I could be there for another weak detailing the apartment. This has become my personal odessey to discover whether deposits are truly a racket, and whether I should ever try to get mine back again. Yes, it’s as desperate as trying to fit an elephant through the eye of the needle. But I will try.

Things I have left to do:

  • Scrub the tile in the bathroom
  • Mop the hardwood floor
  • Wax the hardwood floors
  • Get one of those white grout pens and touch up the yellowing grout in the bathtub
  • See if I can find a cheap replacement shower head and install it (the current one leaks)
  • Scrub out the clay pot stain on the bathtub
  • Soak and scrub the kitchen blinds
  • Dust the crown molding in the bathroom, bedroom
  • Clean the inside of the radiators
  • Scrub the toilet, inside and out
  • Spackle the remaining holes in the closet — I need to find my putty knife for this
  • Oxi-clean the carpet stains
  • Pack up the ladder, rolling cart, cleaning supplies into the truck

I’m not going to clean the carpet all the way. I figure they’ll probably hire someone to do that regardless, so I’ll certainly lose about $75 dollars there. That puts me at $775.

I am unsure whether I should remove the plant hook I hanged in the kitchen. I had to make a huge hole to get the anchor bolt in. I can spackle over this, but it might look worse than before. However, if they decide to remove it anyway, it will cost me time and materials to repair it. I removed all the other hooks in the place, because they told me to, even the nails that were there already. So, what should I do?

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I have too much stuff. I must get rid of some/all of it. I cannot believe I once lived on a boat, and only a short year ago. Now my living room looks like a Chinese shipyard with 43 container ships lined up drop off more junk.

It’s probably nice that I don’t have a basement, because I’m forced to deal with it.

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43 things

Has anybody seen this site, 43 things? It looks intriguing. I’m going to try it.

It may have something to do with David Allen’s book, which I stumbled across when looking for project management resources for work.

I got that Magnolia house, by the way. That would have been #1 in my 43 things to do list.

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Looking for new places

I am moving from my Eastlake apartment. I have found narrowed it down to couple places that look nice.

  • Ross House — Right by Kate and Jordan
  • Magnolia Bungalow — By the train tracks in Magnolia
  • I told the guy in the Magnolia place I’d take it last night. Then I found the place by Kate and Jordan. I’ll sneak over there during lunch and see if it’s worth throwing away the gorgeous (but small w/no storage) Magnolia bungalow for good ol’ Ross living.

    I must be out by August 31, and my landlord is holding an open house every day from 2pm to 6 pm until it rents. Hence my desire to vacate with rapidity.

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    Finding Neverland

    I was thinking that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a fluke for Johnny Depp. Finding Neverland confirms this. He doesn’t overact in this film. The soul of J.M. Barrie shines through, in a non-creepy, non-Willie Wonka sort of way. It almost seems like CCF was a poor satire of this story, which follows a similar theme. Indigent boys taken care of by eccentric genius. That is where the similarity ends however, as Neverland lives in your imagination (except for a few brief interludes at the end), rather than the Gilliam-esque overdone slanted houses and computer generated sets, which robs your imagination of filling in the blanks.

    Some recent photos

    Loren and I celebrating on the Champs Elysees with Lance, Peter Kowalke came to visit, and of course, a couple Bertie shots.

    Seven.Bros.img_3502.jpgimg_3504.jpgGoin' down.img_3508.jpg

    Here are some photos my new Motorolla v3 RAZR took. Not terrible for a phone, not great either.


    From left to right: A great self portrait, mug shot, Kei at lunch at Sabai Sabai, Heidi+Kate+Kei and I went to see a Twilight Zone, some photos of Grandma+Jordan+Dad+Kate+Heidi+Kei+Mom on the porch at Jordan’s, Kate looking likea tree elf, a trip Dad and I took to see the fish ladder, Nathaniel Kaplan’s 4th birthday party, and yet another shower shot of Bertie. Maybe this should be an 18 and over site!

    I’m going to do it this time…

    Get out of debt. OK. I understand it’s forboten to talk about money in public, makes you seem petty, small minded, bourgeois. But I don’t care. I’m throwing down the gauntlet to the credit card companies and their usurous 20-30% rates. No longer shall they have control over my life. I’ve set a date of 8/1/2007 to be completely out of debt. This will be tough. I’ve found some allies:

    • The Motley Fool

      Especially their discussion boards, where you see folks like me do this every day. Everyone needs a support network.

    • EmigrantDirect and ING

      .02% on my savings account? How about 3%? What if I can take a teaser 0% rate on my credit cards, pay the minimums, and make 3% on double my monthly payments to these credit vultures? Why should banks make all the money off the working man?

    • The freezer
    • Tour de France vacation

      If I can get halfway out of debt by 7/1/2006, I will go to France and watch the greatest sporting event in the world. This was a recommendation from the MF Get out of Debt seminar. Give yourself a spoonful of sugar for this bad medicine of debt elimination.

    Have any other suggestions? I would love the hear them.