The Office

We had our office summer picnic today. The rain was coming down pretty hard, so we had it indoors. I rented a couple dvd’s and we watched them over the projector. I rented the best of Will Ferrel and The Office (the original bbc miniseries). It was a little odd watching a show about work at work. Especially when the annoying person from work got annoyed at the annoying person on the show. I guess it makes sense that what bothers you about others probably bothers you about yourself. But this was just too obvious.


I biked down to the Fremont Summer Solstice parade this afternoon. I was one of the dull full clothed gawkers on the sidelines. Check out the expression of this boat-yard worker on-break checking out naked bikers.


You think he’ll be riding next year? And didja notice the wandering gypsy in a mobile home getting cozy with the barricade?

I ran into Loren, Giles and Marisol, but un-deftly, I did not snap their photo. Giles had his shirt off.


I sent my passport off for renewal today. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since I went to England for the first time. That was right after high school. I wonder if anybody went back to their 10 year reunion at Capital High?

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I went in to Costco intending to only buy a $35 car battery, and walked out with $250 worth of shrink wrapped crap. How do they do it? Maybe it’s the tugboat sized shopping carts they make you push around. Nature abhors a vacuum, and a Costco shopper hates an empty shopping cart.