The Big Vic

I’m here with Kei for a weekend in Victoria. It’s windy and rainy, the perfect weather for museums and cups of tea. We saw a wooly mammoth and a replica of the Discovery, George Vancouver’s ship. It’s a nice little town, even if the bilgewater gets dumped into the strait.

Tonight it’s Greek food at her roomate’s family’s Restaurant. Then we’re going to see Star Wars. Can you believe it, they have Star Wars in Canada too!

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Family Tree

Bertie’s father is an Ambilobe (below left) and his mother is a Sambava. Peg Leg (below right) is his uncle on his mother’s side.


I have seen bertie flash oranges slightly between the red and yellow orange of his parents. Usually, he is a blue teal.


Red Mill Trip

My co-workers and I took a trip to ye’ ol Red Mille.

A barge of bacon!Friendly Red Mill staff.

Check out the barge-o-bacon! The girl making change was kind enough to let me snap her picture too.

Bertram Baggins

Bertie is becoming a hobbit.


Notice the bagginess in his chest area. And I always thought he looked more like a smeagol. (No offense, Bertie).